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Bridge Building and Road Construction in Ascutney, Vermont

Since the 1970's Daniels Construction has been working in, on and around bridges and roadways. Our primary clientele include local municipalities, the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans), the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT), and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Our primary focus is on projects having a value of $1.5 million or less which tends to correlate into road projects up to 1 mile in length and bridge/culvert projects having spans up to 200 feet.
Worrall Covered Bridge - Rockingham, VT
83 foot span Town Lattice
Cross Vermont Trail – Newbury, VT
Recreational Trail
20 Mile Stream Road – Cavendish, VT
Culvert Rehabilitation
Worall Covered Bridge - Bridge Building and Road Construction in Ascutney Vermont
Key elements of this $500,000 rehabilitation project included four new 83 foot long glulam bottom chords, lattice repairs, a new lower lateral bracing system, a new nail-lam bridge deck, a fire detection system and roadway reconstruction.
Cross Vermont Trail - Bridge Building and Road Construction in Ascutney Vermont
In constructing interstate 91 in the 1960's, the abandoned Wells River Railroad was filled over near exit 17. Since then, recreation has boomed and this project reconnected the two segments of rail line with a 700 foot long shoe-fly around the interstate bridge pictured here.
20 Mile Stream Road - Bridge Building and Road Construction in Ascutney Vermont
This project entailed replacing a deteriorated steel invert with a reinforced concrete invert, installing timber bed retention sills, a fish ladder, and filling the culvert with stream bed materials to allow aquatic organism passage through the structure.
Roadway - Bridge Building and Road Construction in Ascutney Vermont


Some examples of roadway projects completed by Daniels Construction include: new roadway construction, full depth reconstruction, parking lots, streetscape projects, concrete & asphalt sidewalks, granite & concrete curbing, bicycle/recreational paths, water and sewer lines (see utility page), retaining walls, stone fill/riprap, drainage projects, and ledge blasting/removal.

Route 114 - Grantham, NH
Roadway reconstruction on new alignment, drainage,
granite curb, sidewalk, guardrail and paving
Mad Tom Road – Dorset, VT
Retaining wall, drainage, and guardrail
Giffin Street – Keene, NH
Roadway reconstruction, precast box culvert, water & sewer, drainage, granite curb, sidewalk, and stone wingwalls
High Street – Ludlow, VT
Sidewalk Construction
Mad Tom Road - Bridge Building and Road Construction in Ascutney Vermont
Roadway Reconstruction - Bridge Building and Road Construction in Ascutney Vermont
Sidewalk Construction - Bridge Building and Road Construction in Ascutney Vermont

Bridge & Culvert

Culverts typically have spans up to 20 feet and bridges tend to have spans in excess of 20 feet but the real difference between the two is that culverts have a bottom and bridges do not. Daniels has worked on most every type of bridge and culvert out there either; repairing, widening, extending or replacing these structures.
East Lake Road – Ludlow, VT
68 Foot Span Precast Box Beam
Texas Falls Bridge – Hancock, VT
75 Foot Span Pedestrian Bridge
68 Foot Span Precast Box Beam - Bridge Building and Road Construction in Ascutney Vermont
Tropical Storm Irene undermined the Eastern abutment of this bridge causing it to settle nearly 3 feet. Daniels was awarded the $460,000 repair project and constructed a new concrete abutment over the winter inside a heated sheet piling cofferdam, installed precast box beams in the spring utilizing a 285 ton crane, and had the road paved once plants reopened for the season.
Texas Falls Bridge - Bridge Building and Road Construction in Ascutney Vermont
With a 50 foot deep ravine separating the two proposed abutments and only accessible by foot, all the work necessary to construct the far abutment on this project had to be completed by hand; from excavation and ledge removal to concrete placement and backfill. The $205,000 project for the Green Mountain Forest Service was a great success
Culvert projects include: corrugated metal pipe (CMP), multi-plate structures, HDPE, reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), precast concrete boxes, and cast in place concrete box culverts.

Bridge projects include: steel truss, steel beam, plate girder, timber truss (covered bridge), timber beam, glulam beam, precast arch, precast box beam, precast next beam, precast rigid frame, precast voided slab, concrete arch, concrete t-beam, concrete slab and bottomless multi-plate.

Design-Build & Value Engineering

With our extensive experience, engineering knowledge and understanding of expenses we take great pride in our ability to minimize the cost of the project, whether it be through the Design-Build process or through a Value Engineering proposal.

On Design-Build projects, not only are we involved in the design process from the beginning which allows us to explore different construction methods and materials to make the project more efficient and cost-effective, but we're also able to streamline the schedule by overlapping the design and construction phases, by reducing conflicts between the designer and contractor, and by reducing the approval cycle for submittals.

When it comes to Value Engineering, a request must be made to the design engineer to deviate from their plans in an attempt to provide the owner with a cost savings for a product of similar or higher quality. Because of this process, not all of our Value Engineering proposals are accepted - but when they are, owners are very pleased with our efforts. Recent Value Engineering projects include; substitution of a cast-in-place concrete bridge deck for a precast concrete bridge deck, providing new galvanized steel bridge girders in lieu of cleaning and painting existing girders, and providing stepped concrete footings to maintain a minimum scour protection level in lieu of the footings being constructed at a single grade.
Grassy Brook Road – Brookline, VT
84 Foot Span Composite Steel Beam/Concrete Deck
Concrete Deck - Bridge Building and Road Construction in Ascutney Vermont
Clay Hill Road – Claremont, NH
25 Foot Span Concrete Slab Bridge and Roadway Reconstruction
Roadway Reconstruction - Bridge Building and Road Construction in Ascutney Vermont
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